Prevention: And Now There’s No-Tox, Who Knew It Is Possible!

Prevention And Now Theres No-Tox Who Knew It Is Possible

Prevention has always been linked to new treatments and trends, however, if you start early you have options too. One just has to be older than 40 years and watch the fashion trends come and go. Therefore you’ll see that culottes are back for the third time, wedges come and go, and skinny jeans were once known as ‘stove pipes’ in the sixties.


It seems as though we have now come to realise a new trend called ‘NO-TOX’. For those who are unfamiliar with this turn of phrase, these are treatments that rejuvenate, repair and resurface the skin without the aid of an injectable substance.


Prevention, what are the ‘No-Tox’ treatments:

Whilst being hailed as a “new age” discovery, they are in fact traditional treatments which have always been around.

These include:


– Chemical Peels



– Facial Massage or Yoga techniques and loads more


Will prevention eliminate “cure” type treatments?

Whilst trendsetters are claiming that there is a decline in injectable treatments, we can’t agree. Mainly because they are predicting the so-called ‘No-Tox’ to be the new next best thing.


Each and every treatment has its own unique place in the marketplace and the clients who make use of the various treatments are all looking for different results. Whilst the ‘No-Tox’ does offer facial rejuvenation, the results are evident over a longer time frame as opposed to those clients looking for the instantaneous results achieved with injectables.


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