MesoBrite Treatment for Melasma: Can A Peel Be The Real Deal? 

MesoBrite Treatment for Melasma: Can A Peel Be The Real Deal? 

Got melasma? Then you know that this active type of pigmentation doesn’t just need a one-off treatment to rid skin of its uneven tone and dark patches. Treatments like MesoBrite can make dealing with melasma less of a journey. Like most challenges in life, all good things come to those who wait. And a perfect thing in skin therapy is often the power of in-clinic treatments combined with at-home care. It’s like going to school and then doing your homework; a tried and tested formula that works. And that’s what peels MesoBrite and MesoBrite Lite are all about. 


Treating Melasma: What’s the Deal with Hormonal Pigmentation?

Getting your head around melasma and how it works means understanding your condition better. It can be found in all skin types, and while more common in women’s skin, men can battle it too. But why does it plague the ladies more? It’s influenced by hormonal changes in the body, so that’s why it crops up during stages in our lives, like pregnancy. Sadly, once flared, it just won’t quit. 


Melasma is a chronic condition that remains active and is impacted by inflammation. So, if you commit to treating it, know it will be a marathon, not a sprint. However, there’s so much you can do to support your skin. Even supplementation to help with inflammation and skin health can mean positive changes. NAD with Resveratrol is a well-known antioxidant that means the chance to lower inflammation levels and keeps your cells working their best. 


MesoBrite Peels: Melasma’s Latest Game-Changing Team 

As you need a serious approach to your specific pigmentation treatment, think of choosing peeling as “two superheroes fighting one villain.” Double the action to deal with a bit more trouble. And don’t all the best superheroes have a trusty sidekick? MesoBrite is a two-part therapy: think layers of peel and a deep de-pigmenting mask. This section of the treatment is done with an expert medical skin therapist in a clinic only. Secondly, the at-home kit with maintenance creams means your results can really be improved. 


It’s the difference between a quick-fix and long-term, beautiful and even-toned skin. Focused on shifting melasma, issues like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that dark skin tones battle can also be lessened. This means a more inclusive solution to help lift dark marks creating a patchy-looking complexion that’s often stressful to treat. 


Speaking of which, sometimes, these treatments can make you feel nervous. Even if done in Winter – the best time to treat pigmentation issues, by the way! First timer seeking out a year-round option? Try the MesoBrite Lite, a very similar duo of in-clinic and at-home therapy. It’s safe for all skin types and tones; if you’re only ready in September, that’s fine too. 


So what is the consensus?

Back to the power of superheroes; we all need one. And sometimes our skins need two, because isn’t TLC just the best? Go grab yours. It makes treating those more tricky issues a much smoother process. And for a much brighter skin journey too! 



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