Your Skin’s Saviour: Why You Don’t Have To Choose Treatment Over Trend

Your Skin's Saviour: Why You Don't Have To Choose Treatment Over Trend

It’s the topic at book club, your girl’s weekend away and even that car trip with your guy; “What’s everyone having done to their skin?” As we’ve become more honest about aesthetic medicine and how amazing it makes us feel (let alone look), more and more are feeling bolder about talking about their treatments. Your skin’s saviour is no longer a secret! The hush-hush nature of neurotoxins and dermal volumisers is making way for a conversation about ageing; reaching skin goals is a process, and there’s no point in hiding it. So, when that hot new treatment is part of the discussion, do you automatically think of a trick? That’s where more open-mindedness may be required. The new-age batch of skin therapies for collagen building, rejuvenation and more aren’t just a craze. Here’s why…


Your Skin’s Saviour: Trending Treatments Here To Stay

Look to your ultimate aims when planning your skin’s strategy. Yes, the most talked about treatments might seem like the way forward, but do you know if they’re really for you? Before going the pack, be committed to your goal. Prejuvenation? Treatment for skin ageing? Or exacting concerns like acne scarring? In other words, hone in on your challenge as a starting point. The beauty of modern innovative treatments is that often, they don’t treat one single issue in isolation.


So, it may be about hormonal pigmentation for you, but that gorgeous glow you’ve been craving? That can be boosted, too—Ditto fine lines and hydration. See where we’re going with this? So, onto what’s new and exciting – and most importantly, not just a flash in the pan. Are you a fan of skin needling? Tiny wounds to trigger healing, create new tissue, and build fresh collagen have been a go-to for many. And rightly so! Now enter treatments like Endymed RF Micro-Needling that only gives you the option of combined treatment (we’ll get to that) but is super safe for any skin tone. This means longevity. As more therapies don’t pose risks of post-treatment pigmentation, everyone can look forward to proper skin treatment without worrying about side effects.


New and Improved: Treatments That Have Levelled Up

Have you heard so many things about injectables, and now more are on the market? Dermal fillers are here to stay, but injectables are a dynamic industry. And they can do many things for the skin, which means exciting outcomes. Want to treat your face, but what’s being layered on top just isn’t cutting it? Cue injectable skin boosters and the world of Bio-Remodelling and Bio-Stimulation.


They’re also a means of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, but they regenerate skin over a period of time. Slow and steady wins the race? That’s the thinking. But there’s a difference; Bio-Remodelling plumps, firms, hydrates and strengthens skin (look for treatments like Profhilo Bio-Remodelling) and is the ticket if you lack volume and elasticity—bio-stimulation; however, teams up with Mesotherapy to deliver its magic. Also, by dosing skin with hyaluronic acid, growth factors are also delivered, triggering the body’s self-healing and restoration capabilities. Wake up to a refreshed face in the morning? Perhaps with these types of injectables. But you will see results quite quickly and then over time. So, yes, slow and steady does win the race!


No one wants to spend money on something that isn’t worth the hype. The trick with treatments is to research beyond the buzz and find substance. This is where a trusted aesthetic medical doctor differentiates between money well spent and disappointment post-appointment. Your skin’s innovative saviour is out there, desperate to help you. Time to make a beauty breakthrough? Here’s to your best new treatment find.


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