Beer Belly: How To Beat The Battle Of The Bulging Pants

Beat The Beer Belly Blues

Beer belly, is it a problem? It’s interesting to see when moving in social circles these days the clearly defined division between those that are beer drinkers and those that are not.


Beer has become more than just a beverage based on hops, but rather a drinking experience for some. Currently, trends are moving to small-batch craft beers which are gaining what can be compared to that of a cult following with small privately owned breweries creating food and beer tasting experiences as never seen before.


Be that as it may, the battle for both men and women who drink beer regularly remains to be the search for a solution to their expanding waistlines.


How can you beat the ‘Beer Belly Blues’?

Limit the intake of beer, enjoy a beverage or two at your own leisure over the course of an evening out, but remember that each beer contains an estimated 160 calories.


Science has proven that you will consume your beer at a slower pace when you are drinking from a straight-sided beer glass, as opposed to a curved glass strange but true.


Is ‘beer belly’ a myth?

Beer bellies usually exist not as a direct result of the beer consumed, but rather is a result of the additional calorie intake added to your daily diet, add to this the ‘pub grub’ that usually accompanies the beer and it is an inevitable outcome.


In other words, it’s not the beers fault but rather the compounded reasons of calories, food intake and number of beers consumed.


The solutions can be simple or more complex depending on the amount of weight you need to lose as well as whether you requiring lifting and firming of the stretched skin.


Beer Belly Solutions

For weight loss and healthy eating consider –

The RID Diet

To tone, firm and work on isolated pockets of fat around your belly –


For loose skin, resistant cellulite and fat reduction you may want to consider –



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