Headaches, When They Are Cause For Concern and what to do?

Headaches When They Are Cause For Concern And What To Do

Any headache lasting for more than 24 hours in someone without a history of headaches is cause for concern and there may be a variety of medical conditions for which this may be a precursor, do not leave this unattended but rather consult a health care professional immediately.


Headaches Problematic Warning Signs

– A severe headache with stiff neck, vomiting and light sensitivity

– A headache following a head injury

– Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs

– Symptoms associated with Migraine


When is it a migraine?

A migraine is commonly associated with nausea, as well as light and/or sound sensitivity. Although migraine duration varies from patient to patient. A typical attack lasts for several hours and sometimes persists for up to several (e.g. 2-3) days.


As with any medical condition, discuss the symptoms you are having with a health care professional in order to make a proper diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatments.


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