Self Compassion: How To Be Your Own Best Friend For a Better 2022

Self Compassion: How To Be Your Own Best Friend For a Better 2022

Your best friend is lucky. That time she went through a heart-wrenching break-up, you talked it through. Remember those kind and positive words? That love and assurance? When was the last time you spoke to yourself like that? Essentially, that is the art of self-compassion. Whether you’ve hit a low or just need less negativity in your day, this way of being is total self-care. You treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would when connecting with others.   

Self Compassion: How Am I Doing?

Just like you send your friends WhatsApps saying “Hi, how are you?”, check in with yourself too. Some of us know when we’re off balance emotionally; others need a moment to pause. Got that stiff upper lip attitude? Self-compassion will definitely help you when you’re suffering, and it’s about caring and acting more gently towards yourself. Perhaps a thought like this will help: “this is really difficult for me right now. How can I love and care for myself in this moment?” 

Be Your Body’s Best Friend: How’s Your Health?

 The mind-body connection is such a strong one. And if we have an underlying illness, of course, we’re going to feel it emotionally. It takes its toll. Did you know that the gut (the gastrointestinal system) and the brain are closely connected? This means those tummy issues you may be having could be the cause of stress, anxiety or even depression. Perhaps your Leaky Gut or Inflammatory Bowel Disease is messing with your emotional health? What would you say to your friend going through the same? No doubt you’d give them a message of real support. And, you’d tell to go and see a doctor. Wise words! 

Self-Compassion Means Not Just Being Cheery

Heard of the term toxic positivity? Those Instagram posts that shout “everything happens for a reason!” or “keep smiling!” Sometimes you simply need to feel your feelings. This means negative ones too. Try to re-wire your approach, so you’re dealing with them in a balanced way. Don’t ignore the pain you feel but don’t allow it to sweep you away. Perhaps try putting your situation in a larger perspective. Ok, so you didn’t get that promotion. You feel disappointed, and rightly so. But do you now have more time for your side hustle? Yes! And could that be a chance to grow your small business, and doesn’t that make you feel good? Now you’re talking self-compassion – and positivity!

Ready to cheer yourself on in 2022? In December last year, the World Economic Forum published a survey reporting that 75 percent of people felt more optimistic about the year ahead. While there are bound to be bumps along the way, self-compassion is a great emotional health self-help tool. Here’s to your wellbeing, health and happiness this year! 


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