Hair loss solutions? Real ways to stop hair fall out and stimulate regrowth

Hair loss solutions Real ways to stop hair fall out and stimulate regrowth

Whether you’re finding more strands in your hair brush or have been developing a bald patch for some time, hair loss is always distressing. Still, it doesn’t have to be permanent. There are an array of real hair loss solutions that can stop the shedding and stimulate your hair growth once more.


Hair loss solutions medical science, not magic potions

A combined approach to restoring hair growth is vital. One treatment can deliver good results, but never anything as impressive as two or more treatments. A carefully chosen treatment plan can work in harmony to to enhance the efficacy of each other.


As there are several different stages of hair loss, an assessment will establish the cause of your hair loss. Only then will your doctor will prescribe a package. One that is suited to the severity of your condition, your budget and the reason you’re experiencing hair fall. Should it be due to a medical condition such as anaemia or a vitamin B12 deficiency, you will be treated for that too.


Real, tailored solutions for hair loss

Carboxytherapy is involves administering carbon dioxide gas just below the surface of the skin. This is done via tiny injections into the treatment area. The treatment boosts oxygenation to the hair follicle, encouraging it to grow.


For those experiencing more severe hair loss or alopecia could be a candidate for  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.  This latter involves having a nurse draw some of your blood to run through a spinning machine to separate it into layers. The platelets are isolated and along with a growth factor serum reinjected into the scalp. Your platelets contain hundreds of growth factors themselves. But, when combined the mix does a brilliant job of encouraging your follicles to regenerate.


The bottom line

If you’re experiencing hair loss or have been bothered by a thinning or bald area for some time. The first step would be for a doctor to diagnose the cause. Next they’ll prescribe the best solutions, medication, nutraceuticals and treatment packages to help. Ultimately, nobody wants to lose their hair.



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  1. Anna

    How much is the price for hair loss treatment

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Anna

      I will forward your info to Izak and he will gladly assist you with prices and info.

      Regards Heather