Mood: Healthy Food To Improve & Lift Your Mood Everyday

Mood Healthy Food To Improve & Lift Your Mood Everyday

Our mood is indeed ruled by food. No matter how much people pooh-pooh the idea that mental disorders can now be linked to an imbalance in the gut from the food that we eat, the fact remains that more and more evidence is indeed pointing in this direction.

Food To Lift Your Mood

Studies now show that mood and mental disorder may be directly linked to our digestive system. Therefore, our stress levels, what we eat and how we manage our health on a day-to-day basis is of the utmost importance.


Here are just a few foods that you may want to incorporate into your diet because they can help to lift that cloud and support a healthy emotional balance.


1. Omega 3

The best source of Omega 3 in it’s purest form is Krill oil, however, a diet rich in Salmon and Walnuts will also benefit your body. Research has shown that depressed people often lack a fatty acid known as EPA which is found in the above food sources.


2. Flaxseed & Chia Seeds

Both of these seeds have been known to assist in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. Therefore regular consumption is beneficial


3. Cabbage

Cabbage contains high concentrations of Vitamin C and Folic Acid. These protect against stress, infections and possibly cancers too.


4. Selenium

Is excellent for boosting brain function and as a result, restores balance to mood disorders such as depression. Selenium can be found in cocoa, molasses and brazil nuts.


5. Avocado’s

This fruit is a rich source of Tryptophan which becomes Serotonin a chemical which promotes a feeling of elation and relaxation in the body … bring on the happiness!


For chronic depression and the effects of prolonged depression, it will take medical advice and management. For best advice consult your functional medicine doctor.


To improve resultant conditions of depression such as memory loss and a lack of concentration you may want to consider treatments such as brain training and neurofeedback therapy.


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