Sugar: 6 Ways Fruit May Be Hijacking Your Healthy Eating

Sugar 6 Ways Fruit May Be Hijacking Your Healthy Eating

As the sugar wars continue to surround us daily in the media there are some truths about why we should choose vegetables over fruit irrespective of what the latest fad/trend is.


You might’ve known that fruit contains various amounts of sugar (albeit natural), I am sure you didn’t think it could contribute to your addiction for sweet treats or cravings, as well as your inability to shed that unwanted weight.


This doesn’t mean that you need to totally eliminate fruit from your diet, but rather be wise and conscious of the impact different fruit sources may have on your diet, blood sugar levels and ultimately your body’s metabolic processes.


Hidden sources of sugar

1. Some fruits are sugar loaded.

Higher glycemic fruits are naturally sweeter for example bananas, mangos and grapes can insulin levels pretty quickly because they have more sugar and less fibre. Stick with lower-sugar options like blueberries or raspberries.


2. Frozen is fabulous.

Frozen fruits can be more practical and last longer than fresh fruit, it also allows you to buy and stock up on fruit that may not be in season. Ensure you read labels for added sugars or sweeteners, make sure you’re buying the real fruit and not processed fruits.


3. Fruit in moderation.

Certain food guidelines claim that fruit is”free” food. This is a myth can stall fat loss and increase weight because of the hidden calories.


4. Dried fruit is as good as candy.

Disguised as healthy foods under the guise of fruit, raisins or dates count as processed food with the same impact of concentrated sugar on your insulin.


5. Juicing is not the answer.

The majority of vegetable juice is fine, however juicing fruit eliminates most of the natural fibre. As a result, this creates a huge energy surge.


6. Yoghurt with a fruit compote.

Skip the yoghurt sold with a fruity pulp as this often contains the same amount of calories as a candy bar. Opt rather for real berries stirred into unsweetened Greek yoghurt.


As you can see fruit is not the enemy and we truly do need to follow a balanced diet, however short cuts often mean added sugar which is both harmful and unnecessary for the body.


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