IV Immunity: Why These Cocktail Cures Infuse Your Body With Health

IV Immunity: Why These Cocktail Cures Infuse Your Body With Health

You’re a whizz in the kitchen – we don’t doubt it. Your blender turbo-charges those super juices to perfection. And if you can’t be bothered, there are always pressed juice companies ready to deliver the good stuff dosed with vitamins and minerals to boost health and vitality. But what can just drinking and eating well really do besides feed you nutritionally? Especially if you want to up your health game this coming winter. Reports say it can take a minimum of 30 days to see the results of juicing. And while it’s far more beneficial than endless coffee and that fizzy drink at slump time, if you need to guard your system this cold and flu season, think of something that really can reduce symptoms. Consider IV immunity, it’s a thing!

Infusions and Your IV Immunity

The IV Infusion you choose needs to be carefully thought through. Look at what helps protect your body naturally, defending it when you’re down for immune-boosting benefits. The same goes for increasing energy. Your kneejerk response for an immunity power pep is no doubt vitamin C. And yes, this uber-antioxidant is right on target. You’ll find it together with a proven bolstering blend of other virus-fighting nutrients like vitamin B, magnesium, manganese, glutathione and trace minerals in the Anti-Viral Cocktail Infusion. This is one clever infection combating cocktail, especially if you tend to get viral, bacterial and fungal infections. In fact, any time you’re going through a period of illness, infection or just stress, look to this infusion to help pull you through. 

But I’m Just So Tired: Smart IV Infusion Solutions

 Maybe it’s the weather or your Netflix series, but if you can’t leave Club Duvet, don’t feel too guilty. Less sun exposure can affect your circadian rhythm, producing more sleep hormones. Translation? Your body thinks it needs more sleep. The trick may be to wake it up and give it an excellent immune booster. And there’s an IV Infusion for that! The Jet Fuel Cocktail is innovative immune support, especially in winter. Think vitamin C and three B Vitamins blended to give you that all-important rev. Remember, the intense shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you receive via IV infusions hits the bloodstream directly. In other words, it passes the digestive system, so you get increased absorption and better results! Just what you need when you’re sick and tired. Literally! 

As you swap your duvet from your summer to your winter inner, think only of enjoying the season ahead rather than suffering from sniffles and sneezes. With health support like supplements and loads of IV infusion options – there’s even one for chronic stress – you’ll be booking more fireside getaways and taking less sick leave and upping your IV immunity game. We’ll take that!   


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