Burn Bright not Burnout: Simple stress busters to prevent burnout

Burn Bright not Burnout: Simple stress busters to prevent burnout

Despite the huge strides in opening the conversation around mental well-being, stigmas continue to discourage us. Meaning that we don’t acknowledge our stress until it’s too late. Let’s aim for a burn bright not burnout culture.

With burnout affecting 70% of working professionals, it’s clear that “Hang in there”, “don’t give up” and “be resilient” are discouraging the self-awareness and understanding needed to get real about the impact stress has on our lives, work, and relationships.

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Don’t Lose Sleep over it

While we might be tempted to sleep less when stressed, the evidence is conclusive – the quality and quantity of our sleep has a direct impact on our ability to process and respond to challenges.

Sleep improves our cognitive ability, memory, judgment, and mood with recent research pointing to 60 minutes more sleep each night having a significant impact on people’s happiness, health and even safety.

But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re curious, check out Matt Walker’s book “Why we Sleep” and find out all you need to know about sleep, how to do it well and how to use it to stay at your best.   

 – A little perspective goes a long way

At least some of our stress is influenced by our own perspectives and how we think about the challenges we face.

Challenging ourselves or getting others to support us in zooming out and seeing situations from different vantage points can help reduce or better beat the chances of burnout


Reframing problems with a positive lens by asking: What am I learning and how could I use this to my advantage?

Looking at the bigger picture and asking:  Will this matter in a month or a year?  And

Challenging your own expectations by asking: Is this realistic?   

Small ways to burn bright not burnout

We know it’s often easier said than done. So, our advice is to start somewhere and start small.

When it comes to burning bright and not out, start by understanding and acknowledging where you at. Get the sleep you need and take a step back to gain perspective.

And finally, know that you don’t need to do it alone!

Michelle is our In-House Coach. She is an expert in well-being, balance, and performance and is passionate about sharing the tools and strategies for creating healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Find out more about VIVEVA and Michelle by visiting  www.viveva.com or contacting michelle on  michelle@viveva.com

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