Energy: The Busy Person’s Guide To Boosting It In 5 Minutes Or Less Every Day

Energy: The Busy Person's Guide To Boosting It In 5 Minutes Or Less Every Day

You want to be the best version of yourself but juggling that busy life can be hard. To be, think and feel our best, we need energy, and while we all know the virtues of a great night’s sleep. What can you do in your already-packed day to help restore your energy and keep you feeling your best?

Put these powerful tips to the test and give your energy a boost in 5 minutes or less each day

Practice saying “no”

– start small and select just one thing on your to-do list that doesn’t HAVE to get done today. Saying “no” to one thing means saying yes to you.

This will create space for you to do something that you enjoy and will pump you full of confidence-boosting Serotonin. Especially as you prove to yourself that you, are in control and have the power to choose where you spend your time and energy.

Be present and focus

– we all have the habit of multitasking, but this doesn’t only drain us, it has also been proven to make us less productive and lower our IQ. Monotask instead. And try taking it a step further by being intentionally present with each activity you do. Focus and presence will help you get more done in less time, be better at it, and be less tired when you’re done.   

End your day with gratitude

– replace your last minutes of night-time scrolling by thinking of 3 things that make you happy (or grateful). Write them down or just hold them in your mind as you fall asleep. Gratitude helps to reconnect with what’s important. It can be a powerful source of purpose, motivation, and a healthy mindset. Plus, doing this at night will send you off into a better and more restful night’s sleep. So you wake more refreshed and ready to go.

Managing our energy is fundamental to staying at our best and having our best to share with others. These simple tips will get you well on the road to creating the energy-boosting daily habits guaranteed to fit into your busy day and keep you at your best. 

Michelle is our In-House Coach. She is an expert in well-being, balance, and mindset and is passionate about helping people unlock true growth and vibrance in life and work.


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