Don’t Get Your Nose Out Of Joint, Fix It!

Don't Get Your Nose Out Of Joint, Fix It!

It’s widely known that a ‘nose job’ is one of the most coveted plastic surgery procedures worldwide, yet very often there is little follow through mainly due to the fear of undergoing the knife.


Times have changed somewhat though and these days the world is presented with far more treatment options. There are those to ‘prettify’ the nose area, those to lift and those to shape the nose, all with the added benefit of no surgery required.


The latest procedure to launch is called a 3D Rhinoplasty, it is a combination of dermal fillers and a unique PDO thread developed specifically for the nose area known as the ‘Broom Thread’.


Benefits of 3D Rhinoplasty:

– No down time

– No invasive surgery

– No side effects

– Change the shape of your nose

– Affordable
It is now affordable, easy and non-invasive to have your nose lifted and shaped all in one 3D Rhinoplasty treatment, leaving you no reason to get your nose out of shape!


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  1. Trevor

    Hi. Wer is this treatment offered in Durban?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Trevor

      Thank you so much for your message, I have given Izak your info and he will mail you more info.

      Regards Heather