Jawline slimming:Yes, you can do jawline face contouring

Jawline slimming Yes you can do jawline face contouring

Jawlines come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re bothered by the fact that yours is a bit too square-looking there might be something you can do about it. Jawline slimming using botulinum toxin, an injectable muscle-relaxant, has been successfully used for years. It slims down square-shaped faces. The end result is a softer, more oval-shaped jawline achieved without the risk of surgery.


Sometimes, your bone structure will dictate the squareness of your jaw. In many cases, however, a pronounced-looking jawline is due to having large masseter muscles. These are the muscles that sit on either side of your jaw. Often they’re on the larger side due to genetics. Still, they can also get much bigger if you’re a jaw clencher, tend to grind your jaw or even chew a lot of gum!


Jawline slimming – Slim down without surgery

Slimming down an overtly pronounced masseter muscle is easier than you think. It can be done over your lunch break and nobody would be the wiser! In just one quick appointment, an aesthetic doctor can inject a little botulinum toxin directly into the masseter muscles. This is often done without anaesthetic. Still, if you’re nervy of needles a numbing cream can be applied beforehand to ensure you don’t feel a single prick.

A look you’ll love

Initially, you won’t notice any difference, as botulinum toxin takes about a week to start relaxing your muscles. Once this happens, your jaw will begin to slim, with the results being the most noticeable at around 6 weeks. After all, if your masseter muscles can’t get their daily workout, they simply shrink!


Also, you don’t have to worry about not being able to talk or chew. Your face is made up of many muscles. Once the very pronounced ones that were doing all the “heavy lifting” have been set to relax, those that surround it will pick up the slack. In short, just a few quick botulinum toxin injections could be the solution to a slimmer, more oval-looking face!

Another benefit? If you’re someone who suffers from tension headaches that stem from jaw clenching, you may notice that their number is greatly reduced. Also, if you’re a jaw grinder, you’ll be able to spare your teeth!


The great thing about muscle-relaxing injections is that they’re not forever. After about three months, the effect will begin to wear off. This is when you can return to your doctor for a top-up to ensure your new, slimmer-looking face remains that way. Jawline slimming can constantly be tweaked.


The bottom line

If you’re bothered by an overtly square-looking jaw, relaxing your masseter muscles might be the answer to a slimmer-looking face. Also, an injectable jaw reduction could help get you some relief if you’re a clencher plagued by headaches.


To find out if you’re a candidate for jawline slimming, have a chat with your aesthetic doctor. They’ll be able to examine your face. The treatment is so quick and even, possibly even administer it in the same appointment. What’s holding you back? A slimmer, more feminine-looking jawline could be yours for the taking.



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