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Shaving Routines And Mens Skin Care Troubles

Shaving, breakouts and the occasional rash are the banes of every man’s skincare routine. How can you minimise the damage to the skin, especially after shaving? How can you prevent breakouts?


We asked blogger Ryan Enslin from My Lime Boots to share his advice and personal experience. Ryan shares “I have very sensitive skin. Shaving remains a dreaded exercise in my home and if I do not look after my skin on a regular basis, a stint of shaving turns into a bit of a bloodbath. Not ideal for putting your best face forward.”



Ryan felt as many guys do the pressure to conform and yet his skin was crying out for more. Ryan shares “So naturally, at a young age, I became hooked on all things skincare; to ease the pain as it were. Now, remember, I am talking back in the days when there was no such thing as a men’s skincare range. I used to wait until my family were all out, then sneak into my sister’s room and see what creams she used. A quick trip to the local Pick ‘n Pay during a less than busy time to acquire some product, usually with a well-rehearsed “it’s for my girlfriend” comeback should the cashier ask, and I was ready to look after my skin!”


Maintaining a healthful youthful complexion is now an everyday practice, so what are you waiting for?


Everyday skin issues

– Sunburn

Red, irritated, sensitive skin as a result of the sun is a burn from UV radiation, there is no such thing as a suntan! Always protect your skin against sunburn by using sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats when possible.


– Razor burn

It can present as mild discomfort, redness to rashes and pimples. Razor burn is never pleasant! To prevent Always use new and sharp razor blades. Apply a shaving medium and only shave in the direction of the hair growth, this prevents unnecessary friction and cuts.


Skin issues requiring professional assistance

– Acne

Humidity, stress, sweat and steroids are all factors that contribute to acne breakouts. Acne is not a result of “dirty” skin or negligent personal hygiene, but can, in fact, be either hormonal or gut related. Persistent acne problem will require treatment with a medical doctor. Maintain a good diet and invest in an active skincare regime. An extensive and persistent acne problem may require treatment with a medical doctor.


– Rosacea

This is an inflammatory skin disease and causes a continual ongoing redness. The cause is often related to inflammation in the body, as well as potential digestive disorders. Always consult a medical doctor for Rosacea. Avoid rubbing or touching your face and most of all invest in quality skin care to address the symptoms.


– Eczema

Eczema is both uncomfortable and itchy. It is a condition made worse by scratching, rubbing, stress and extreme climates. Through diagnostic analysis with a functional medicine doctor and a few lifestyle changes, an individual can successfully control their eczema.


In conclusion, always seek professional assistance in choosing a skincare regime to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. If you have irritation, acne or breakouts it may be an indication of an internal imbalance, as a result, you may require a skin doctor.



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  1. My Lime Boots

    […] naturally, at a young age, I became hooked on all things skin care; to ease the pain as it were. Now remember, I am talking back in the days when there was no such […]

    • Beauty desk

      We are so glad that you persevered and discovered how much skin care and a routine can make a difference for both men and women 🙂
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